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Welcome to LONGEVITY Racing presented by LONGEVITY Welding the leader in affordable welding equipment.

LONGEVITY Racing is your one stop for off-road, motorcycle, race car, drag, formula-1, dirt track, and all other racing news, events, and race profiles from all racing teams including sponsored and non-sponsored professionals, enthusiasts, and inspiring race teams.

LONGEVITY Racing allows you to create your race team profile, advertise it to thousands of viewers, share events, upcoming races, news, photos, videos, and wallpaper with your fans whether you are sponsored or not. LONGEVITY Welding is always looking for promising race team to sponsor. If you are looking for racing recognition, this site will definately get your team more visibile to the sponsorship world.

Register to use www.longevity-racing.com to promote your racing team and get sponsored!


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